Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back by Popular Demand (sort of)!

Here's a job posting FD suggested might be right up my alley:

We are looking for a female to cook hamburgs ($2) and hotdogs ($1)on our outdoor grill . This will be once a week on Wednesday's from 5-8pm. You will be working for $3 an hr plus tips. Starting June 17th, every Wednesday throughout the summer we will be hosting a Bike Night in our parking lot. Looks and personality will go a long way As the night becomes popular your tips will grow. Could be a good way to make a little extra cash. If interested call me at 413-586-3315 to schedule an interview Bill

I couldn't resist emailing this Bill fool:
This ad is offensive, sexist, and discriminatory. And wow, $3/hour...that's a living wage around here, right? Cook your own goddamned hamburgers.

If you have any thoughts, you can email Bill too: or just give him a call at the number above.



Sarah said...

Wow. Now I can feel confident quitting my shitty job knowing that there are gems like this out there. Way to stick it to that asshole. And btw, I think you should post more!

kzal said...

Did you get a response from him?

Feministy said...

Nope, that guy was too scared to write back!