Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emailing a Duggar

I emailed a Duggar. Two Duggars, to be exact. I couldn't help myself.

Here's how the whole thing started...The other night, I was in bed with Monkey. She was passed out at the boob and I was watching TLC. Let's face it - there's nothing that makes you feel better about being in bed at 7 o'clock than watching a family of 20 spend their evenings a-prayin' and a-servin' the Lord. My bed looks pretty good considering those options.

Anyway, I was reminded that Josh (the oldest Duggar kid) proposed to fellow-homeshcooler Anna at a gator-themed Florida restaurant on her birthday with a fistful of mylar balloons and an itty-bitty ring. She said yes, of course, and then - wait for it! - they held hands! Because they were saving their first kiss for their wedding day.

So I got to wondering if those crazy kids tied the knot yet. And maybe I was wondering where they registered. And if they took a financial freedom seminar. After checking out the Duggars.08 website, I came away with these answers:
1. Yep
2. Bed, Bath & Beyond and, obviously, Walmart
3. Oh yeah!

Also on the website are Josh's and Anna's individual biographies, which I found incredibly disappointing because, while they both mentioned their fathers' triumphs or professional "achievements," neither one bothered to say anything about her/his mother. I mean, Michelle Duggar seems to be a joyful, happy woman who lives for nothing but (Jesus and) her kids, and that ungrateful son of hers doesn't even bother to mention Mama. So I emailed him.

Now I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gloating Now

Alright, so my dude won. He's President-Elect Obama now. And even if my parents aren't happy and my brother probably wrote in "Joe the Plumber" on his ballot, I am very proud of this country for once. I didn't think it had it in it. I kept picturing all those fools who made a big deal about Obama's middle name or African family or "elitist" background or sexy legs (oh wait, that one was me) ruining it for us. But they didn't. So I'm proud.

Next up, we need a big, bad Feminist Broad in the White House!
2016, here we come!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I've had to work elections as part of my job for years. Usually it involves poll-watching, phone-banking, or, more often than not, holding a sign in the bitter, bitter cold and rain and sometimes snow. And what do I get for these efforts? Some guy in a thatcher cap offering me a couple of donut holes and a crappy coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Um, no thank you.
Now I realize that I'm supposed to be focused on the campaign at hand, not the quality of coffee. But it's not like I'm demanding an organic, locally-roasted Americano and a savory scone(although that sounds nice) . This girl would take a Starbucks for god's sakes!

Oh and aside from the coffee issue, there are many important issues at hand tomorrow. In addition to the presidential race - Go Obama! - Massachusetts has three important initiatives on the ballot. Here's how I'm voting (and you should too):

Question 1 Eliminating the State Income Tax: NO!

Question 2 Decriminalizing Marijuana: Oh Yes!

Question 3 Outlawing Greyhound Racing: In honor of our Greyhound, Charlie, Yes!!

Oh, and if you see a woman holding a No on Question 1 sign and looking deperate, do your civic duty and buy her a Starbucks!