Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Hate Sarah Palin . . . Obviously

Okay, this is my first blog post ever. Ever. So I'm kind of nervous. Not first-date nervous, when you're all jittery because you don't know if the person showing up will share your love of inappropriate jokes or excessive drinking, since I really doubt anyone will ever read this. But if they do, this post has to do all kinds of things: make the reader think I'm interesting enough to continue reading, make her want to read more, make her become so obsessed with this blog that she can't think of anything else, make her want to become my best friend.

Alright, forget it. I'm just going to talk about the person who's consumed all of my waking thoughts for weeks now. . . Sarah "Pay for Your Own Rape Kit and Don't Kill Your Rape-Baby" Palin.

Since she first sprang on the scene a few weeks ago in her silly "hot for teacher" suits and her beehive hairdo next to the perpetually-shaky, snaggle-toothed John McCain, I have hated Sarah Palin (and by the way, no one in any other self-respecting state would pronounce her last name that way).

I've wanted to see a feminist woman in the White House for as long as I can remember, but Sarah Palin was thrown at women like a bone to a dog: "Here, gals! This nut-job from the middle of nowhere with next-to-zero experience in anything but walking around in heels and a bathingsuit ought to confuse you Hillary-lovers enough to vote McCain-Palin!" I know a lot has been made of this poorly-hatched strategy, but worse than the idiots who came up with it is the idiot women who fall for it. When I hear a woman interviewed in the media saying they used to be a Hillary supporter and now they're in love with Sarah Palin, it makes me realize that one of the reasons women still do not enjoy equality in this country is that so many women participate in their own exploitation.

Do these women look at Sarah Palin and her like-minded Right-Wingers who think that women ought to be forced to maintain unwanted pregnancies and that the morning after pill is a murder weapon - essentially people who believe women shouldn't have control over their own bodies and be able to make their own choices - and think, "Yes! I couldn't agree more. What I want is less choice!"

More on this later. My coffee buzz is starting to wear off...